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Top 10 Reasons to go with Conejo Tankless!

  1. Never run out of hot water!
  2. Energy Star Products run more efficiently, save money on monthly natural gas bills.
  3. Go Green with lower emissions.
  4. Get up to a $1,000 SoCalGasCo rebate and $300 Federal Tax Credit (some restrictions apply)
  5. Compact design of tankless unit saves space.
  6. Tankless systems last twice as long as traditional tank units, up to 25 years.
  7. Ability to adjust water temperature with digital control.
  8. State-of-the-art technology with excellent warranties.
  9. Expert installation and service from licensed, bonded local plumbing contractor with 35 years experience.
  10. Don’t worry, we’ll take away your old tank!